What Your 'Stache Says About You

Celebrating the great moustaches of AUS

What Your 'Stache Says About You

It's early in the month of November, which means around Australia you'll start seeing the early stages of moustaches, as courageous men put their face to the test with some truely horrendous womb brooms for a great cause; Movember.

Come the end of the month, or for the hairier men, next week...you'll have a ripper caterpillar sitting on your top lip.

Deciding which mo to grow and cultivate can be a tough decision.

So, what does your mo say about you?

Pencil Thinner

Made famous by actors in the Golden Age of Hollywood like Clark Gabel and Errol Flynn; if you grow a pencil thing moustache these days you're either a bit of an alternative/different cat, or you just genuinely struggle to grow facial hair.

The Gentleman Jim

This is your real sort of cultivated set-up.

You've taken the time to grow a thick lip bush and have the steady hand to shave an impressive line to seperate your mo into two equally spectacular areas.

The Gentleman Jim is about as impressive as mo's get, and if you're talented enough to grow one, you sir are as equally impressive.

The Pablo

Made famous by the Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar; The Pablo is a bulky, luscious tuft of facial hair that sits square above your mouth.

The Pablo is such a strong look you sometimes have to wonder if the mo is a part of your face, or if your face is a part of your mo.

Outside of being the go-to lip merkin for South American drug lords, The Pablo is often the go to 'stache for the unashamed party animal.

The Ned Flanders

Looks very similar to The Pablo, except much neater and trimmed with precision.

Like the famous Simpsons character it is named after, The Flanders is more of your sensible set-up, often seen on blokes who have run the same facial hair since the mid '80s.

The Pre-Pubescent

This is your real 16-year-old who wants to get around Movember set-up.

They can't really get much purchase on their mo, but they give it one hell of a crack anyway.

A+ for effort, D- for end product.

The Handle Bar

The go-to for any cricketer worth his salt, The Handle Bar is the strongest look in the moustache game.

Before, Mitchell Johnson couldn't keep the ball on the pitch. He grows a moustache for Movember and suddenly he's terrorising batsmen around the world.

The Handle Bar is for any bloke who likes to throw themselves into something at 100 miles an hour. If they're doing Movember, they're going all out and growing the filthiest moustache they can possibly think of.


No matter which moustache your'e choosing to grow this Movember, we here at Triple M salute everyone out there willing to donate their face, and/or their money, to a great cause.