Ever Wanted To Caaaaaaaan't Moonman, And Win Cash?

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Moonman’s You Can’t Call - it’s the easiest way to win cash just by picking up the phone. We will put a grand in your hand, and all you need to do is caaaaaaaaaaaaan’t the Moonman! If you have ever wanted to throw the shade back on Moonman and give him a good ol’ can’t-ing, now is your chance!

You can win in 3 simple steps…
1. Register your details below
2. Standby your phone
3. When it calls, answer with “MOONMAN, YOU CAN’T”

If it’s actually us that has called you (and not your Mum), then you win the cash! Register below, and get ready to win from 6am every weekday. 

On your station for caaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t-ing, 104.9 Triple M.

And if you haven't seen the new Moonman in the Morning TV commercial, check it out below!

Triple M Moonman 30sec TVC from SCA on Vimeo.

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