The full interview with Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters about Medicine At Midnight | Triple M

4 Feb 2021

00:00 Intro 00:15 Foo Fighters new projects in 2020 00:32 Dave Grohl is no good at sitting still 1:57 "The one thing I can't do, is the one thing I love doing" - Dave Grohl 2:12 Disappointment of 2020 3:13 Dave Grohl might release a book soon 3:26 Dave Grohls friendship with Aussie chef Nats What I Reckon 4:22 The fun things that have come from the past year 4:37 Dave Grohl the Dad 4:50 Dave's relationship with his kids 5:10 Dave's daughter Violet is in the Foo Fighters 5:30 Violet Grohl's daughter has better music knowledge than her Dad 6:11 Becko talks Medicine At Midnight 6:19 The space where Foo Fighters made this album 7:49 Dave Grohl talks about Sham Shame 8:03 The Foo Fighters early influences 9:51 Dave's drum influence that you can obviously hear on Nirvana records 11:30 Medicine at Midnight is an ass-shaking album 12:35 This album is their 25th birthday celebrating 12:50 Dream behind the song Shame Shame 14:12 The heartbreaking cost of making the Shame Shame film clip 15:03 What Dave Grohl is missing most about Australia 16:09 The time Becko partied with the Foo Fighters Catch the full special with the band: Subscribe! Triple M brings you rock's greatest hits! This is Triple M's official channel. Triple M Website: Download the Triple M App! Facebook: