4TOFM Convoy for The Cure

Sunday May 20th

4TOFM Convoy for The Cure

We've saved the date and now it's time to get the fundraising underway for the 4TOFM Convoy For The Cure! Mark it on your calendar- Sunday May 20th!

In the mean time, get your favourite wheels (bike or truck) polished up for the convoy! 

You can register online today for the convoy, costs are $50 per bike and $100 per truck.

We'll keep you updated with the plans as the fun gets closer, but for now make sure you follow all the latest on the Convoy for The Cure's Facebook page!

Major event partners VCV Townsville and Predator.

For more information check out The Cure Starts Now website, or take a listen to Minty having a chat with Ren Pedersen below.