A Super Handy 'Townsville Warnings' Website Has Been Launched

This'll be our go-to

A Super Handy 'Townsville Warnings' Website Has Been Launched Emergency Management Dashboard

For years we've been fumbling between stacks of different websites, apps, etc etc hunting for the latest cyclone info, but now it's easier than ever! 

The 'Emergency Management Dashboard' has been launched and is the best textbook to find the latest Townsville weather info and more. 

If a nasty cyclone is on the way, keep a super close eye on this website and have your radio locked on, to hear the latest updates. 

This website is also amazing because it gives you super quick access to:

1. Power outage info

2. Traffic conditions (you can even look at traffic cams!)

3. Social Media updates from emergency services

4. School closures 

5. BOM 

6. Fire info 

And HEAPS more. 

Get there now and save it for easy access!