How To Prepare Your Pet For Another Townsville Storm

Great tips for the furbabies

How To Prepare Your Pet For Another Townsville Storm

While we get intrigued and excited about storms, the younger ones in our households aren't always as welcoming. 

If your pets shy away and hide during storms, here are some tips on how you can prepare them, to make the experience less daunting. 

1. Prepare a safe place for them. 

Your pet will want to feel secure. If you have space in your bathroom or laundry, collect their favourite things i.e. blankets, toys, beds, and set them up in there. 

2. Play the radio/soothing music

Many animals find comfort in soft music. If you can have it playing prior to the storm approaching, then into the storm that'll be the best approach to calm them. 

3. Get them familiar with noises

Jump on YouTube and you'll find a heap of recordings of Thunderstorms. Playing these to your pet on a regular basis, may prepare them for the noises they'll hear during a storm.

4. Stay with them 

Your pet looks to you for comfort and security. If you can stay with them as long as possible during a storm, they'll be very grateful! 

5. If all of the above doesn't work...
Finally, you can try Thunder Jackets, or Calming Wraps, or even medications.  
6. Don't forget about 'business'
Your pet could be inside for hours, make sure you have enough toiletries to get them through, to avoid any accidents.