Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festival 2018


Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festival 2018 Burdekin Council

Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festival is a new-look festival for the Burdekin Shire in 2018! The new festival is designed to drive destination awareness and tourism. 30 May-2 June will see your favourite Burdekin events like the First Fire and Australian Hand Cane Cutting Championships.

The Burdekin is one of North Queensland's hidden GEMS. The region's hero experiences include warm winter nights, strong horticulture assets and rich agricultural offerings. The festival is all about showcasing and celebrating what is great about the Burdekin Shire region. There will be a range of family-friendly, festival styled events including food, music and entertainment over a week-long period. 

For more information head to Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival 2018 Facebook page