Historic building reaches a big milestone

Serving the region over years

Historic building reaches a big milestone

The Plantagenet Historical Society is inviting you to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Old Police Station on Albany Highway, Mount Barker on the 3 March 2018 from 10am-3pm. There is much to commemorate as this historic building, originally opened in 1868 and now a museum, gives a glimpse into its fascinating and varied past.

The museum and gardens will be open for you to explore. This free family event will be held in beautiful surroundings and offers plenty of entertainment for everyone, and provides an opportunity to discover some of our local history. Get into the spirit of the day and dress up in period costume to have a photo taken.

The museum is furnished in its original style and the displays of artefacts, vehicles, machinery and information panels tell of its importance to the region as it fulfilled the roles of residence of the police constable and his family, stables, and coach house. Originally prisoners, after working in the community during the day, were chained to the kitchen wall overnight until a single room gaol was created for them.

 When the Old Police Station was originally opened, the Plantagenet district was responsible for an area that included Ravensthorpe, Manjimup and Kojonup. A very large area to police when the mode of travel was horseback. Some idea of this is realised when one police horse was recorded as having travelled 65,000 miles on duty.

John Sales from the Plantagenet Historical Society spoke about of the events happening on the weekend.