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10 things you might not know about the Gold Coast

Best of the Gold Coast

10 things you might not know about the Gold Coast

1. Life before European settlement

Archaeological evidence suggests that Aboriginal people have inhabited the Gold Coast region for about 23,000 years before European settlement and the present.


2. Meeting place for tribes 

The area around Bundall, proximate to the Nerang River and Surfers Paradise, along with various other locations in the region was an established meeting place for tribes visiting from as far away as Grafton and Maryborough.

3. Luxury home now lives at The Southport School

In 1885 Queensland Governor Musgrave built a holiday home known as the 'Summer Place' on the banks of the Nerang River near Southport. It began to get a reputation as a resort for Brisbane's wealthy and influential. 'Summer Place' is now known as 'Biddle House', and is the senior school boarding house at TSS.

4. Surfers Paradise was originally named Elston 

When a new coastal road was built between Brisbane and Southport, Elston residences successfully lobbied to change the name in 1933, just as the real tourism boom began.

5. World War II soliders

In WW2 Americans commandeered the beach area at Coolangatta to establish rest areas.

6. How we became the Gold Coast 

Inflated prices for real estate and other goods and services led to the nickname of "Gold Coast" from 1950.

7. Why we have meter-maids

Meter-maids were introduced to prevent holiday makers from getting parking fines in 1965. 

8. Getting our name on the world map 

The first international event held on the Gold Coast was the 1965 World Water Skiing Championships.

9. Becoming a tourist-hub

Gold Coast's reputation as an international tourist centre came after the Coolangatta Airport opened in 1981, with Japanese property investors building theme-parks and making the skyline soar.

10. 92.5 Gold FM

The Gold Coast's very own 92.5 Gold FM went to air for the very first time in 1967.