4000 Days’ Worth About to Get the Chop - for Charity!

Chop, chop, chop ...

4000 Days’ Worth About to Get the Chop - for Charity!

Zane Austin who is about to hit a mile stone in his life by turning 30 this month is also about to trash a 4000 Day milestone by cutting off his Dreadlocks all for a good cause – The Toowoomba Hospice!

It’s one of the most interesting trashing’s we have had in the 14 years of running Trash Ya Hair for Hospice Care said Mark Munro, Toowoomba Hospice Promotions and Fundraising Manager.

 “Zane approached the Hospice with the offer to Trash his Hair, I thought great another fundraiser for the Hospice BUT I wasn’t expecting 4000 day old Dreadlocks…this would have to be one of the most interesting ones in the 14 years of running this event!”

The trashing will be done at Zane’s 30th Birthday on the 17th of June Mr Austin said he wanted to do something extra special on his 30th but not just for him but for the community “My Mum has volunteered at the Hospice in the past and said what a lovely place it is so I thought I could do something for them”.

Zane has had his dreadlocks for well over 10 years and his dream goal would be to raise $10K “I know he would love to raise $10 thousand dollars for the Hospice which is a big task but his minimum goal is $4000, which is $1 for every day he has had them might be more achievable”. Said Mr Munro

The Toowoomba Hospice has provided quality care in partnership with the community to over 1250 terminally ill and is locate at 57B O’Quinn Street Harristown.

For those who wish would donate towards Zano's 30th - Shave the Dreads Fundraiser they can do so by going to www.toowoombahospice.org.au or their Facebook page and click on Zane’s photo which will take you to donation page.