Amazing Racers Assemble!

for Youth Week Esperance

Amazing Racers Assemble!

To celebrate Youth Week a sub-committee made up of members of the Esperance Shire and Escare Inc. have organised an Amazing Race around Esperance for this Thursday, April 26.

If you are unaware of the television show or format, basically small teams will be set out with clues and challenges to complete in a race to complete the final (intellectual/physical) hurdle. Rumour has it the tasks will involve a number of fun aspects, slip and slides (make sure you wear or bring bathers), mind games and other physical challenges will have you laughing and sweating all at once.

Plenty of food and drink along the way to refuel and at the conclusion of the race there will be more food, more drink and live music!

Participants must be aged between 12 and 25 years of age and numbers are limited, so make sure you organise your team and register by contacting Linda from Escare ( or jumping on the Facebook event page for details (search Youth Week Amazing Race).

The event stars at 1pm THIS THURSDAY 26 April at the Esperance Skate Park, and should last a couple hours or so, depending on how fast you can complete the tasks.

Cody Thorp is one of the organisers of the event and he joined Sean for Breakfast for a chat on Tuesday. To see that interview jump on the Catch Up page, link below.