"Lunch with" EACS, another Esperance Chamber of Commerce Event

and the Big Picture project

"Lunch with" EACS, another Esperance Chamber of Commerce Event

This Thursday, 22 March, the Esperance Chamber of Commerce are hosting another wonderful 'Lunch With' event, this time at the Esperance Anglican Community School, or EACS as we all like to call it. 'Lunch with EACS' provides a great opportunity for Esperance business people and locals from around and about town to network and learn more about the exciting 'Big Picture' being rolled out by EACS this year. 

Kerr is the principal of EACS and joined Sean on the Sean for Breakfast program last week and spoke highly of the 'Big Picture' program and it's potential for developing kids learning for later in life.  

"We believe explicitly that this is the future of education..."

The program, originally aimed at final year students, will now encompass all students from year 9 to year 12.

"It's a program which looks at each student as an individual, builds up a curriculum around their interests, their talents and their abilities."

 Students through the program will engage and be set-up with a local career mentor, depending on the field they want to pursue later in life. This local engagement and relationship should allow them to learn life long lessons about learning, and give them standing within the Esperance community. 

And for those that think it's a drastic change from the standard learning environment, think again. 

"It has real rigor" says Kerr, "there are literacy components, numeracy components, there are scientific research components, communication components, a student really has to be able to put together a very rigorous project and exhibition at the end of each semester."

It's a program that isn't just being rolled out of Esperance, similar initiatives have been rolled outa cross Australia and the world! And the children just love it. 

"it's amazing when you talk to students and you see their faces light up when they start talking about their projects!" Kerr again.

The 'Lunch With EACS' event begins with a tour of the school by teachers and students at 1130am before lunch at 12. RSVP's are essential, so contact the Esperance Chamber of Commerce AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If this hasn't peaked your interest, then the actual lunch bit should!

"Rose our canteen manager will produce something exceptional as she always does!"

Listen to Sean's chat with Kerr at the Catch Up link on the Triple M website: https://omny.fm/shows/sean-for-breakfast-triple-m-esperance/eacs-principle-kerr-learning-methods