Mental First Aid and Suicide Prevention Forum

In Esperance this Friday

Mental First Aid and Suicide Prevention Forum

If you had a sore knee you’d see a physio. If you had heart pain you’d see a doctor. Yet, a lot of us who battle through mental health issues fail to seek help for their ailment.

Caring for your mental health is even more important than tending to your physical health. So do something about it!

It might not be you that’s suffering either… it could be your best mate, a family member or a colleague. Stats say one in five people will experience troubles like this so chances are you will come across it and if you do it’s important to understand that help is out there!

A mental health information forum is happening this Friday May 25, through the Rotary Community Service Project at the Parish Anglican Hall on Andrew Street. The Esperance Rotary group are putting on some after work refreshments and nibbles, and speakers to help those affected to understand mental illness, recognise and support your staff, colleagues and mates in our community who need help.

Brett Kipling is a local psychologist that will provide some helpful, relevant strategies and there will also be two special guests who will share their experiences with mental health problems.  Attendees are encouraged to come and learn and feel free to talk about how they approach things when times are tough.

This Friday May 25 at the Parish Anglican Hall on Andrew Street, beginning at 6pm and running for a couple hours into the night.