Policy Workshop

Important subjects covered

Policy Workshop Esperance Shire

Will these policies impact you?


  • Traders and Itinerant vendors
  • A-Frame signage
  • Buskers and Street Entertainers
  • Outdoor Eating facilities in public places


Draft policies designed to support the activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law 2016 are currently open for community input until 30th of October, 2017.


What does this mean for you? How does this impact your business? They need your input to make sure these policies work for our community!


RSVP to Paul Clifton via email on: paul.clifton@esperance.wa.gov.au

The policies can be viewed at: www.esperance.wa.gov.au/current-consultations

This workshop will be held this Wednesday 6pm - 8pm at the Esperance Civic Centre - Draker