Social Sound at the Cannery

Next Tuesday June 19

Social Sound at the Cannery

It's an opportunity for musicians, songwriters and poets alike to meet and cultivate their talents!

Social Sound is a FREE workshop at the Cannery Arts Centre starting at 530pm for an hour or so on Tuesday 19 June, with creatives encouraged to bring their projects and ideas to the session in order to build and grow on these or be inspired towards new projects. 

The night will include a general discussion of the outcomes each artist wants to get from the evening, whether it's something specific like trying to refine that baseline hook or something more broad like trying asking about formulating lyrics to songs, everyone is encouraged to come along with an open mind. 

Three local artists will perform or present their own pieces to the group and explain the creative decisions they made in completing their project. 

So come along, Cannery Arts Centre next Tuesday to Social Sound where the environment is conducive to creativity and hopefully you can get that project finally off the ground!