St John Ambulance Esperance Sub-Centre Celebrates 60 years!

this Saturday in town!

St John Ambulance Esperance Sub-Centre Celebrates 60 years!

St. John Ambulance Esperance is celebrating 60 years of volunteer operations in Esperance and surrounding areas with an Open Day this Saturday, March 17 from 10am. 

The St John volunteer's are a lovely, hard-working bunch and they've put on a show. Workstations demonstrating different first aid principles will be set up, a fun and interactive way to learn some tips that could save a life one day. Not only that, but at each workstation there is the chance to win prizes.

St John are giving away 400 first aid kits across the day!! 

Challenges and spot prizes also hanging around.

Food vans and drinks will be around as well to satisfy your hunger and thirst needs across the day, after all, fun learning can certainly work up an appetite. 

The St John Ambulance Sub-Centre in Esperance began as a result of a remarkably tragic incident. A man out of tan was filling up his car with gasoline when another car ran into him, spilling gasoline all over his body. Trying to get a better view to what was happening another man lit a match with horrific results. The original man was covered in flames! Now with a crowd, blankets were wrapped around the man to extinguish the flames before a door was located and used as a stretcher to transport the man back to town and assistance, which he did so on the back of a ute. Sadly, he passed away before he received assistance. From there the residents in town demanded an ambulance service, so similar accidents could be treated with quickly. 

There will be a display of the original ute and door stretcher at the open day as well, with notes describing the story in full detail.

Get down there, 54 Windich Street, from 10am this Saturday. Workstations close at 3pm with nibblies and drinks served from 6pm.