6 signs the car you want is a lemon

It's looking a little "tyred"

6 signs the car you want is a lemon

When it comes to buying a used or second hand car, it should come with a "Buyers Beware" pamphlet.

There are often some clear tell-tale signals and some not-so-clear signs that your potential new car isn't what it's cracked up to be. 

Here are 6 warning signs that the car you have your eye on, is most probably a lemon.

1. It makes hissing and the occasional knocking sound

During the test drive you can ear hissing or knocking over your Taylor Swift track? The knocking  could be a  problem with the engine and hissing can be the sound of fluid leaking. Either way, neither of these sounds are good. Any strange noises coming from the car should cause you to prick up your ears, grab hold of your wallet and do a runner. 


2. It smells like there 15 sweaty football players were living in it for months 

Most things can be covered up from the eyes, but it's much harder to cover up the smell. Rely on all your senses and get in there and give it a good sniff. Smell funky? The smell of old food isn't all that pleasant but what we're really looking for is a leaking or burning smell. That means, there could be something wrong under the bonnet. 


3. The person selling the car is OVER selling it 

There's selling... and then there's SELLING. What are they trying to hide, boy? If they can't give you answers to basic questions like: Can I see paperwork? Do you have a copy of the vehicle history? How about that vehicle maintenance? Nope. Then we've got a problem... 


4. There's nothing oily about their dip stick 

No one likes oily skin, but we sure do love oily cars. It only takes a second, but could mean the world of difference. If the oil level is low, it could be that the previous owner just didn’t top it up that often. Or, it could be a sign that there is an oil leak in the engine, which is even worse. 



5. The tyres look a little "tyred"

Tyres can tell a thousand stories. If it's been kept in good nick, the tread on the tires should be worn evenly. If it's uneven, it could indicate that the tyres were never rotated or changed. Which is a problem. Uneven tyre tread isn't a good sign, even if the car is quite new. 


6. It's what matters on the inside

General wear and tear is to be expected. But when there is damaged seat belts, missing knobs on the dashboard, ripped seats and missing head rests, you may be looking at a lemon. If it's a train wreck with the eyes, imagine what's under the hood. 

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