8 signs that you're a champagne drinker for life

You can't deny number 5

8 signs that you're a champagne drinker for life

There's something about that feeling when the sweet, sweet burst of champagne bubbles hit your tongue.

While most people crack open a bottle of bubbles at special occasions or at the races, there's another category of humans. Those that would give their second born to visit the Champagne region of France to see where their true child came from. 


Here are 8 signs you are the Queen or King of Champagne land:

1. You are suddenly becoming referred to as Mrs Bubbly, Mr Bubbly or Champagne Sal among friends. 

2. You’ve got your very special Champagne glass at home. In fact, you may have gone a tad further and had your name engraved on the glass. All class. 

3. You know more than 10 + Champagne brands as apposed to the standard Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot

4. Your party trick is showing off your master skill in opening a bottle of Champagne. "Come on, Sal, we've seen this one a million times." Never gets old. 

5. You feel that bit wiser, taller and smarter with that glass of Champagne in your hand, in fact it’s starting to become part of your ‘look’ when you are socialising and uploading to social media. 

6. You have mood boards and photos of France where you are determined to travel to see where your beloved champagne comes from. 

7. You know how to hold the glass correctly and try and teach others your ways. 

8. You die a little inside when Moet is pronounced incorrectly, or when a cheap bottle of Prosecco comes out. Some people are so rude. 

Say yes to all 8?

Cheers to you, champagne Sal! Leonardo salutes you.