Frozen chocolate nachos have arrived in Surfers Paradise

Just in time for Summer!

Frozen chocolate nachos have arrived in Surfers Paradise

With Summer fast approaching, many Gold Coast restaurants are going into overdrive tweaking and preparing  their menus to have more of a  'Summer lovin' appeal. 

Gringo Loco Cantina in Soul Boardwalk Surfers Paradise have introduced their newest dessert menu - Chocolate Nachos! 

“It’s meant to be shared, but I'm sure you’d have a grand old time on the broad walk with this in your hand”

- Missy Robinson, Gringo Loco Cantina PR

The frozen dessert is set to get tongues wagging with chocolate tortilla chips with chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream, banana, nuts, cream AND chocolate & caramel sauce.

“You can taste the texture of the chips, but you don’t actually taste corn chips. It’s not overly chocolate the flavor either. It’s not overbearing.”

The Summer treat is on the menu 24/7 so don't be fooled... this doesn't have to be ordered JUST for dessert.

"Some people are actually having it for breakfast!"

It's the latest daring dessert added to the menu, after the popular Tequila and Salted Caramel Cones went bananas in store. 


Both are likely to stick around well past Summer.