There's a Burleigh Hill Hike & Chill to start your Sunday

Perfect start to the day!

There's a Burleigh Hill Hike & Chill to start your Sunday Hideaway Treks

You've got to soak up all the sunshine we've been having these last few weekends while it lasts! It's getting warmer and easier to get out of bed in the morning, so why not make the most of your weekend with a bit of a Sunday morning workout?




Hideaway Treks are putting on a morning for like-minded women in need of something healthy, social and outdoorsy to kick-off the day called the Burleigh Hill Hike & Chill.




The morning includes...

- 2km Trek around Burleigh Headland

- 30 Minute Express Core & Stretch with Jess

How to get there...

1. Meet at 6.50am, outside the Burleigh Heads Hotel, on the Esplanade. Phone Jessa from Hideaway Treks on 0415 898 503 if you get lost. 

2. Trek Burleigh with some like minded Women (Children may come with you at $5 per child, they must stay with you throughout the event).

3. Enjoy yourself and get a core workout, plus stretch to kick start your week ahead. Option to stay and chill on the hill after our hike, and take advantage of the plentiful coffee spots that surround. 

What to take...

- Water Bottle

- Sun Protection

- Yoga Mat (or a thick towel)

- A cushion to sit on if you are joining us for coffee after.




Just contact Hideaway Treks for more information (itinerary and what to bring provided within 48hrs of booking).