Centenary for Trans Australian Railway

Linking East to West

Centenary for Trans Australian Railway

Rail Heritage WA & Museum of the Goldfields present Centenary of the Trans-Australian Railway Lecture.

It is 100 years since the Trans-Australian railway was completed, joining Western Australia to the rest of the country. The railway was important for moving both freight and people. Shipping was the usual way of travel but it was slow and for Kalgoorlie people the journey started by heading to Perth – the opposite direction. It was not until World War 2 that even a basic dirt road joining east to west was constructed.

To hear more about this, join the lecture presented by Phillipa Rogers, Historian and Exhibition TL with the New Museum Project on Monday 23 October at 5.45 pm for a 6 pm start at the Museum of the Goldfields.

Call the museum at 9021 8533 to RSVP.