A Close Encounter To Help Survival Rates

First time in 40 years

A Close Encounter To Help Survival Rates
The PW Merrick Foundation is a Hobart-based charity dedicated to funding research into treatments for extreme-mortality cancers. 

Some cancers such as breast cancer, melanoma and bowel cancer have benefited greatly in recent times from huge public awareness campaigns. However there are some cancers such as pancreatic cancer, late-diagnosis ovarian cancer and glioblastoma that have catastrophic mortality rates, but receive tiny slices of the funding pie.

The PW Merrick Foundation was formed to try, in some small way, to bridge that funding gap that has seen essentially no increase in survival rates for extreme-mortality cancers over recent decades.

On December 1, the foundation will be bringing a giant of the big screen back to the cinema for one night only when they host a showing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Village Cinemas, Eastlands. 

Anyone under forty years of age has never seen this movie on the big screen so this will be the one chance to do just that and help fundraiser.