Derwent Valley Autumn Festival

Derwent’s Largest Entertainment Event!

Derwent Valley Autumn Festival

On Sunday, the 15th of April come and discover autumn at the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival. Shop from stalls providing locally produced food, arts and craft, wine and beer, enjoy the pay-per-ride attractions, free special attractions, and the freely provided live entertainment; presented across four stages with singing, dancing, bands, and choirs.

The event is set at one of the year’s most breathtaking seasons, held in a stunning setting along the Derwent River in the Esplanade, New Norfolk. Live entertainment begins at 10am lasting until 4pm and includes, The Doyles, The Sign, The Derwent Valley Marching Band, and performers from Claremont College, Jordan River Learning Foundation Senior School, and The New Norfolk High School.

Free parking is available at Tynwald Park and a free shuttle bus is available all day to take visitors the 10 minute walk between the Park and Esplanade. For more information visit the Festival Website

Image Courtesy of Derwent Valley Autumn Festival Facebook Page

Story written by Noah Phelps