Dream Holidays for the New Year!

Here's our picks!

Dream Holidays for the New Year!

Now the silly season is over…it’s time for a holiday! We are dreaming big with Helloworld Travel Hunter Travel Group as we take you away to relax after a hectic Christmas and New Years.

Top of our dream destinations for 2018 is Bora Bora in French Polynesia! At just 30km2 and with under 10,000 permanent residents, Bora Bora is an ideal location for a holiday that involves nothing but relaxing. Endless beaches along the lagoons, but also history and plenty of natural features to keep your mind off work!

Best time to visit: June - September when the average temperature is 280.

Dream destinations are about taking you out of your comfort zone and letting yourself experience the world around us. Our second dream destination takes us to Kenya! Everyone should experience the stunning Maasai Mara Safari, one of the world’s best guided tours. It is the ultimate African trip, being able to witness all the iconic African animals in their natural environment. It’s best to visit between around September.

We have a couple of tropical paradises on the list, but they are so unique that you will want to visit both! Whether it is surfing, deep sea fishing, snorkelling or simply a romantic holiday with massages, walks on the beach and stunning fresh meals, the Maldives are a dream destination for 2018. February to March and then June to August are the best times to visit, as they are the drier months.

Travelling to America is always a special time. We could have picked a number of cities, but we just had to have New York on our list. It is one of the world’s most iconic cities, having transported us into so many films, tv shows and songs. It truly is a city that never sleeps. If the world had a capital city, New York would surely be on the shortlist. You can see a show on Broadway, dine at a selection of the world’s best restaurants, walk through Central Park and of course, visit the iconic Statue of Liberty.