6 reasons why going to a live concert is good for you

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6 reasons why going to a live concert is good for you

There's no doubt about it, we are blessed here in Newcastle and the Hunter. We've had the biggest names in music bless us with their presence here in the Hunter which is why we want you to know the following: 

1. Music is the Medicine of the mind - A famous quote by political figure John A. Logan. Believe it. 

2. Going to see live music can reduce stress - A study by the Imperial College of London showed that attending a live music show can decrease the release of cortisol (it's a stress hormone). SO YAY. 

3. You'll burn calories - Let's be honest if you're at an A Day On The Green or a Foo Fighters concert you'll be doing a lot of jumping, dancing and singing. Even if it's going to see your favourite band at your local pub. They'll definitely belt out "April Sun in Cuba" and you'll be on the d-floor. 

4. You'll get socially involved - When you're at A Day On The Green you're 80% of the time with a group of your friends and family. Or if you're going to see your favourite band at the pub, you always meet your friends there. 

5. You get to hear your favourite band LIVE - It's not listening to them on your iPod or watching their music videos. They are right in front of you. There is nothing better than hearing a band live.

6. You have amazing stories to share - As much as the night will be a giant blur, you'll remember the little things that happen throughout the night. Maybe it's a silly dance move or they play your favorite song, those will be the things you remember the most.