Best places for a beer and chicken wings in Newcastle!

Grab your mates and try out these wings

Best places for a beer and chicken wings in Newcastle!

Any day of the week is a day for chicken wings, there's really nothing better than some wings and a cold beer with your mates...

Here's our 5 picks for Chicken Wings in Newcastle 

The Grain Store 

If you're looking for Newcastle's best wing variety, look no further... there's 4 different types of wings including Fire Starter, Buffalo, Smokey BBQ and Salt & Pepper... if you want to try them all their Trio of Wings is for you! 

Foghorn Brewhouse

If you like your wings crisp, and hot... these ones are for you. Double fried... crispy... tossed in FogHorn hot sauce or Smokey BBQ sauce

TBones Tex Mex

If you like your wings smothered in whiskey, these guys have created a homemade Jack Daniels BBQ sauce for their wings!

The Lucky

The Lucky has nailed the American style share plates... and of course you can't go past the Lucky Wings. Try Hot Buffalo, Cajun Salt or Smokey BBQ with blue cheese or ranch sauce.

Newy Burger Co

$10 for a kilo of wings on Wednesdays... need I say more?