Can you guess the meaning of these Old English words?

What the heck is a Fopdoodle!?!

Can you guess the meaning of these Old English words?

We all know that in Old English times, people spoke far better English than we do now in 2018! (Shakespeare, remember him? He spoke reaaaal proper)


Well it’s time to put down your mobile phone, and test yourself on some of those words!


These aren’t just any old words though, they’re Old English Insults.


Test yourself and see how many you guess correctly!


  1. Loiter-sack
  2. Whiffle waffle
  3. Muck spout
  4. Fopdoodle
  5. Gib-Face
  6. Stymphalist
  7. Snoutband
  8. Roiderbanks
  9. Stampcrab
  10. Lubberwort



  1. Loiter-sack: a slacker of lazy person who does nothing
  2. Whiffle waffle: an indecisive, time wasting ditherer
  3. Muck spout: a person who not only talks a lot, but constantly swears
  4. Fopdoddle: an insignificant or foolish man
  5. Gib-face: an unattractive or ugly person
  6. Stymphalist: someone who smells unpleasant
  7. Snoutband: someone who is always interrupting others conversations
  8. Roiderbanks: someone who lives beyond their means and spends extravagantly
  9. Stampcrab: a clumsy person
  10. Lubberwort: a nickname for a lethargic, fuzzy minded person


Credit: The Vintage News on Facebook