Simply The Best 'Teacher' Winner

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Simply The Best 'Teacher' Winner

Congratulations to Darryl Brownlaw from Murray High School - Voted 'Best Teacher' on The Border in 2017.

Here's what Mr Brownlaw's fans had to say when they voted:

I was lucky enough to have Mr Brownlaw for four years as a maths teacher and I cannot say how grateful I am for that. He is able to push students to achieve their own personal best, no matter what that is, and you can see he truly cares about what he is doing - Maddi

This teacher has helped me to improve on my maths and help me with it to get me to where I am now. If it wasn't for this teacher I wouldn't have gotten the options I did when I applied for the army. He has never given up on any student and always believes in is to do our best. No matter how busy he is he will always find time to help a student out when in need and will always follow up to make sure they do not need help and are all good, that is why this teacher should win the best teacher award - Caleb

He is so good when it comes to proving extra stuff for students especially preliminary and HSC students. I suck at math. But now, not as much. And it's so good because you can contact him whenever and he will still try his best to help you out and really prepare you. - Anonymous

ACTUALLY teaches you. he helps us with extra lessons outside of school hours when he doesn't have to and is the best marker I have ever known and will get it back to you within the next 1-3 days it's sooo gooodd - Chels