Simply the Best is back!

All categories for this year are HERE!

Simply the Best is back!

Beat it for your suburb, beat it for small business, beat it for those doing a ripper job in our community! We want you to beat the drum and celebrate the Border!


In 2017, The Borders 105.7 Triple M once again brings back ‘Simply the Best’ with the help of Dr Keshena Tan and the team at Entire Health Solutions.


It’s all about showing local pride and showcasing the very best of the best in our own backyard.


‘Simply the Best’ 2017 launches with Lu and Matt at 6am on Monday 11th September.

Voting will occur daily for 24 hours giving listeners and local businesses the maximum chance to vote. You’ll be able to vote at or by calling 13 27 10 between 6am and 4pm daily.


The Daily category winner will receive a mention in breakfast at 8:20am with Lu and Matt and Lu and Matt will visit and cross live that morning from the winning business or location. Each winning category will also receive marketing material to promote they are a ‘Triple M Simply the Best’ Winner


2017 Voting Categories




Best Coffee

Mon 11th Sept at 6am

Tues 12th Sept at 6am

Best Teacher

Tues 12th Sept at 6am

Wed 13th Sept at 6am

Best Gym/Fitness Centre

Wed 13th Sept at 6am

Thurs 14th Sept at 6am

Best Restaurant/Café

Thurs 14th Sept at 6am

Fri 15th Sept at 6am

Best Hidden Gem

Fri 15th Sept at 6am

Sat 16th Sept at 6am

Best Sporting Club

Mon 18th Sept at 6am

Tues 19th Sept at 6am

Best Pizza

Tues 19th Sept at 6am

Wed 20th Sept at 6am

Best Hair/Beauty

Wed 20th Sept at 6am

Thurs 21st Sept at 6am

Best Charity

Thurs 21st Sept at 6am

Fri 22nd Sept at 6am


If you are a local business owner, make sure you share our daily Facebook link on your nominated voting day to ensure you reach as many of your customers as possible.


This year, in the lead up to your daily category we have also created ‘Vote For Me’ graphics which you can share on your social media platforms.

Download your relevant graphic and tell your social media fan base voting is coming soon and to listen to Triple M (we’d love you to tag us as well! Share the love)


Download Best Coffee Tease Here

Download Best Teacher Tease Here

Download Best Gym/Fitness Centre Tease Here

Download Best Restaurant/Café Tease Here

Download Best Hidden Gem Tease Here

Download Best Sporting Club Tease Here

Download Best Pizza Tease Here

Download Best Hair/Beauty Tease Here

Download Best Charity Tease Here


If you have any questions or enquiries about ‘Simply The Best 2017’ you can contact our Promotions Manager Ash on

Feel free to share with us how you are promoting your business