$40K Kick for Cash!

Enter here to kick for $40K!

$40K Kick for Cash!

All year Triple M and RAA have given you the chance to win CASH before the bounce at Crows home games.

Now we can announce the $40K KICK FOR CASH! In front of a packed crowd at Adelaide Oval, just before the bounce at Showdown.

No loopholes, if you make the kick - YOU get the cash

We want you to win it SO much that we’ll even let you take the kick closer if you want. BUT every metre closer is a thousand bucks off – kick it from 20 metres and you get 20 grand. Don't shank it, bank it!

RAA members get more and to prove it, you'll get 'insurance against the miss' and walk away with $5000 CASH even if you miss! 


1 - Log in or sign up to the Triple M Club here

2 - Opt In to the $40K Kick Tab in the Triple M Club

3 - Listen out for your name every hour on 104.7 Triple M, be the first to call us back on 1 333 53 and your names in the draw!

Thanks to RAA, we do more

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