Triple M’s $5k Kick for Victory

Kick a goal from 40m to win $5 grand!

Triple M’s $5k Kick for Victory

You’re on Adelaide Oval. In front of 50,000 people. You could cut the tension with a knife. You’re kicking for goal…   

Triple M’s $5k Kick for Victory! 

We’re giving you the chance to win $5,000 right before the bounce at Adelaide Crows home games.

All you need to do is kick a goal from 40 metres out and you’ll pocket the cash along with that massive feeling of victory! Kick off the side of your boot and, you walk away with nothing.

But, your miss is someone else’s jackpot, with one lucky listener kicking for up to $40 grand at Showdown XLIII. 

We’ll up the stakes for the big home derby of the season, putting a guaranteed $10k on the line, as well as the cash from any missed kicks… this could be a massive victory!  

To get yourself to Adelaide Oval for the before the bounce for this event, make sure you’re listening to The Rush Hour with Jars & Louie for the code word on Friday afternoon and then call Roo & Ditts on Monday morning.

Triple M’s $5k Kick for Victory – This is the kick you don’t want shank!

Thanks to Victory - Verandahs, Carports, Patios, Louvres and Fencing. Victory is everything

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