Triple M’s $40k Kick for Victory

Kick a goal from 40m to win $40 grand!

Triple M’s $40k Kick for Victory

All year Triple M has been doing the $5K Kick for Victory before games at Adelaide Oval.

Now we can announce the $40K KICK FOR VICTORY is here! In front of a packed crowd at Adelaide Oval, just before the bounce in Showdown.

No loopholes, if you make the kick - YOU get the cash

We want you to win it SO much that we’ll even let you take the kick closer if you want. BUT every metre closer is a thousand bucks off – kick it from 20 metres and you get 20 grand.


  • Become a Triple M Club Member here – log in and click the '$40K Kick' Tab. Already a Triple M Club member? log in here.
  • Get on the standby list – we’re announcing names across Roo & Ditts, Workday and The Rush Hour! First person to call us back on 133353 within 30 minutes goes on the standby list!

Triple M’s $40k Kick for Victory – This is the kick you don’t want shank!

Thanks to Victory - Verandahs, Carports, Patios, Louvres and Fencing. Victory is everything

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