The Phrase that Pays

The Phrase that Pays

You’ve been telling us that Midnight Oils is on your must see concert list of 2017, and why wouldn’t it be when they are set to bring the Great Circle Tour right here to Cairns!

Cairns 99.5 Triple M is the ONLY station who can send you to see Midnight Oil at Kuranda!

 As a Triple M Club member, Mark and Juanita are giving you the first access… all you need to do is answer your phone with the phrase that pays!

Here are the details you need to win!  

  • Be listening to Mark and Juanita for Breakfast weekday mornings from 6am
  • We will be calling a Triple M Club member at  7 am & 8 am (make sure you keep your phone close)
  • To win you  NEED to answer the phone with this simple phrase  “99.5 Triple M is sending me to Midnight Oil”

Because we love our Triple M Club members we will be giving you the FIRST ACCESS but be warned, these are the hottest tickets in town and there people who will be waiting by the phone to steal them.  

99.5 Triple M’s Mark and Juanita are your free ticket to see Midnight Oil Live,  all you need is the phrase that pays to win your way in for free!

Good Luck Clubbers and remember “99.5 Triple M is sending me to Midnight Oil’

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