AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Our Secret Sound went off and it was the 'The lever releasing on a cleaning spray bottle'

So we have hit reset and our new Secret Sound is now LIVE!


Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with AJ, Bridge & Spida here


  1. A paper shredder
  2. Water going down your sink
  3. Counting money
  4. Using the pressure hose at a carwash
  5. A waterslide
  6. Using a kitchen waste disposal unit
  7. Electric kettle boiling
  8. When you push the button down on the electric windows in the car
  9. When you turn on the window wipers in the car
  10. Someone eating chips
  11. Pot of pasta boiling on stove
  12. Binding a book
  13. Tram
  14. Water from a faucet
  15. A printer
  16. The noise between songs on a cassette tape
  17. Dog having a drink out of its water bowl
  18. Electric Juicer
  19. Washing machine
  20. A coffee roaster
  21. An electric salt + pepper grinder
  22. Someone wiping their feet on a door mat
  23. Frothing milk in a jug
  24. Changing settings on a garden hose
  25. Notes going into a self-service machine
  26. Old school printing calculator
  27. Water from a fridge dispenser
  28. Flushing a toilet on a plane
  29. Peeling a potato
  30. Windscreen wipers
  31. A photocopier warming up
  32. Paper shredder
  33. Peeling a potato underwater with a potato peeler
  34. Grating a carrot
  35. Salt grinder
  36. sausages in a frypan
  37. windscreen wipers
  38. A buffer
  39. When you are in a hot air balloon and they pull the chain down
  40. A coffee machine making milk
  41. A fax machine
  42. An answering machine
  43. The needle on a record
  44. Opening a straw,
  45. Cash out of an ATM
  46. Fire crackling
  47. Heating milk for a coffee
  48. Opening a Cadbury chocolate wrapper
  49. A windscreen wiper
  50. Flushing a port-a-loo
  51. Opening a packet of chips and eating them
  52. Sprinkler turned on hitting a window
  53. The very start of when the dishwasher turns on
  54. When you put the cardboard coffee cup under the dispenser at the service station
  55. Someone walking along a stone or pebble pathway
  56. A creepy crawler in the pool when it gets close to the surface
  57. Photocopying a piece of paper
  58. Someone sucking a straw to get the last bit of liquid
  59. cash counting machine,
  60. a cup under a slushie machine
  61. changing the combo on a lock
  62. Crushing garlic
  63. A scanner
  64. An ice dispenser
  65. Someone scratching facial hair
  66. Tipping a glass of water down the sin
  67. Hand dryer in the shopping centre
  68. A scanner
  69. Opening and closing a fan forced oven and pulling a tray out
  70. The noise inside a car when you go through a car wash
  71. Water into a washing machine
  72. opening/ closing a sandwich ziplock bag
  73. sharpening a pencil.
  74. A pepper grind - hand held
  75. When you get the ticket out of a ticket machine in carpark
  76. Someone sipping hot soup
  77. A printer picking up a piece of paper
  78. Someone crewing a cabbage
  79. A laminator machine
  80. Chewing an apple
  81. An old tapedeck
  82. Scrunching a piece of paper
  83. Scrunching paper
  84. When you push the button on a urinal
  85. A sea salt grinder
  86. Press a Panadol or tablet out of a seal
  87. The cooler fan on the back of an electronic device
  88. Taking the top off a yoghurt container
  89. Tram Door Shutting
  90. Unwrapping a lolly
  91. Homemade coffee machine
  92. Velcro on a golf glove
  93. Glad wrap tearing
  94. The docket coming out of a cash register
  95. Using a rubix cube
  96. A dishwasher - the sound of the jets going against the door
  97. When you are squeezing orange to make juice the old fashion way
  98. A fuel bowser ticking over
  99. Cistern of a toilet
  100. Hole Puncher
  101. Pumping petrol at the petrol station
  102. Unscrewing the top off a bottle of wine
  103. Chopping lettuce
  104. The ATM machine dispensing the money
  105. Extraction fan in a toilet or bathroom
  106. Someone trying to get food out of their teeth
  107. Stapler
  108. Peeling an apple
  109. getting a receipt
  110. Crushing garlic
  111. A scanner
  112. An ice dispenser
  113. cash counting machine,
  114. a cup under a slushie machine
  115. changing the combo on a lock
  116. undoing a roll of toilet paper
  117. latch on a wooden gate
  118. pushing a button a hard drive
  119. A caterpillar eating
  120. Scraping a piece of burnt toast with a knife
  121. Scrunching up a packet of chips
  122. Someone sharpening a pencil in a manual sharpener
  123. Photocopier trying to pick up the paper but there isn’t any in there
  124. Someone crunching out dried out leaves in their hands
  125. A caterpillar eating

  126. Scraping a piece of burnt toast with a knife

  127. Scrunching up a packet of chips