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AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Our Secret Sound went off and it was 'Scraping an avocado using a knife'

So we have hit reset and our new Secret Sound is now LIVE!


Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with AJ, Bridge & Spida here


  1. Someone using a soap dispenser in a public toilet
  2. Rolling dice in a cup 
  3. Ping pong balls in a box
  4. Coffee Pod dropping into tray
  5. Milk Bottle top falling off into sink
  6. Ice into plastic cup
  7. Playing beer pong
  8. Yatsy
  9. Game trouble where you pop the dome in the middle
  10. Putting a golf ball into a plastic cup
  11. Ice in a plastic cup
  12. A latch on a door
  13. A dominoes shaking in a case
  14. Shaking a dice
  15. Peeling a hard boiled egg
  16. Tic Tacs
  17. Coins dropping into a container
  18. A piggy bank
  19. Opening a coke can
  20. Putting a golf ball into a hole
  21. Dropping pens into a pen holder
  22. Slurping the dregs out of a cup with a straw
  23. Opening a takeaway chinese container
  24. Serving a table tennis ball
  25. A toy gun
  26. Putting ice into a cup
  27. Shaking a paint can ball
  28. Shaking a dice inside a dice holder
  29. Flicking a ruler against the table
  30. Shaking lollies in a cup
  31. Dice in a cup
  32. Squashing an aluminium drink can 
  33. Using a stapler 
  34. Lable maker gun 
  35. Dropping empty toilet roll into the bin
  36. Last sip out of a metal milkshake cup 
  37. Typewriter 
  38. Dropping a dice into a cup
  39. Mouse trap game
  40. Self inking stamps
  41. Shaking a pill bottle with vitamins
  42. The latch on a gate
  43. Someone opening an office
  44. Dropping a coin into the empty cup holder in a car
  45. And old credit card machine
  46. A empty coffee pod dropping into the coffee machine
  47. Clicking out a sugar tablet
  48. A gumball machine when the toy falls out
  49. Screwing a plastic water bottle top
  50. Dropping a cup of ice-cubes into a cup
  51. Old clocks that flick over the numbers
  52. Silver wire thing that goes into your protein shaker cup 
  53. Marble falling onto a table
  54. Chinese clacker
  55. Hole punch
  56. Putting false teeth into the plastic container
  57. Coins dropping out of self-service at the supermarket checkout
  58. Pulling white plastic disposable cup out of the water cooler
  59. Dropping a peanut into a disposable
  60. Crushing a paper cup
  61. A shaker bottle - the ones you put protein in
  62. Picture snapper viewing 
  63. Electric stapler
  64. An automatic stamp
  65. Dropping dice into the dice shaker container 
  66. A plastic cup being dropped in a bucket
  67. Ice from an ice machine dropping into a paper cup (like at a fast food restaurant)
  68. Opening the lid of a jar
  69. Using a labelling gun
  70. Car lock when you press central locking
  71. Paper holder when you click it together
  72. Turning a key to unlock the door
  73. Small nail gun
  74. A lotto ball when it comes out
  75. Kicking a 3L empty milk bottle across the ground
  76. Run a DVD case through a machine to unlock the case
  77. Putting a dishwasher tab into the dishwasher
  78. Car door handle
  79. Battery into a torch
  80. Ping pong ball onto a bat
  81. Dropping your toothbrush back into the cup holder
  82. Dropping a battery into a torch
  83. Pin ball flipper
  84. Removing the lid of a medicine bottle
  85. A franking machine
  86. When you put a ball down the clowns mouth at the show
  87. Nuts in a tin
  88. Undoing a milk bottle top
  89. Pricing gun
  90. Dice getting thrown onto the Monopoly game
  91. Throwing soy sauce into the container
  92. Slide projector when you press the button and it goes to the next slide
  93. A sewing machine needle
  94. Putting cereal into a bowl
  95. Switching a torch on
  96. The button on the crossing at a set of lights
  97. Someone taking a picture with a camera
  98. The ball going in the hole at putt putt
  99. Knocking skittles over in ten pin bowling
  100. Putting a pen down onto a desk
  101. Dropping dice into a plastic cup
  102. Pulling the pin on a pinball machine
  103. Taking the lid off a plastic ice cream tub
  104. Board game dice popper