Tanya and Steve's $5k Secret Sound

Tanya and Steve's $5k Secret Sound

Have you heard about our secret sound?

If you can guess correctly and entirely what Tanya and Steve's secret sound is we'll give you cash money. It's that easy! 

However, you need to guess what the sound is entirely; so the best way to put the pieces together is to listen to KOFM all day while you work. 

There's plenty of cash money up for grabs if you can tell us what the secret sound is...You could score an easy $5K! We do it thanks to Domayne

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Incorrect Guesses:

Cash Draw opening

Opening a door to a cupboard

Portaloo flushing

Unblocking a toilet with a plunger

Biting into an apple

A guillotine cutting paper

Noise of a printer

Locking a security door

Releasing a handbrake in a car

Opening and closing the doors on the new light rail

Changing a train seat position

Swiping an old school credit card

Putting a disc into a DVD or CD player

Self inking stamp

Putting a CD into the front of the car

Tape dispenser

Locking a car

Lifting a windscreen wiper on a car and putting it back down

Electric stapler

Moving the heater controls in your car

Emergency lock on a seatbelt