$500 to be WON each day!

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$500 to be WON each day!

Every day on mix94.5, we switch on our Randomiser…and it selects songs we haven’t played for a while, to boost your music variety!

Well NOW: The Randomiser can boost your finances too!

mix94.5’s $500 Randomiser Song of the Day is here – with $500 CASH up for grabs each weekday!

Here’s how to win the money:

- Download the mix94.5 App, from Google Play or The Apple Store

- Open the App each day to find out what the $500 Randomiser Song of the Day is, for that day (you will receive reminders too!)

- Listen for the nominated Randomiser song on mix94.5 between 9am and 3pm weekdays.

- When you hear the song played in full, be caller 10 on 1-333-53.

- If you’re the right caller, you win the daily $500!!

Remember: the daily “Randomiser Song of the Day” will NEVER be revealed on air - so make sure you download the mix94.5 App, and check in each day!

Best of luck grabbing some of the cash!!

**Contesting starts Monday 16 July between 9am and 3pm AWST and ends Friday 3rd August. Contesting is weekdays only and entrants must be 18 years or older. To see full Terms & Conditions click here.