Marto & Ed Kavalee For Breakfast

Marto & Ed Kavalee For Breakfast - 27/5/16

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Home Grown Band Of The Week

This week: Forever Ends Here


Woman Builds Huge Instagram Following By Fingering Fruit

Some of the weirdest videos on the internet...


Messy End For Motley Crue

Nikki Sixx confirms Tommy Lee’s statements of bands awkward farewell


Angry Dad Honk If You're Horny

He made a sign on the back of a jeep that he thinks his dad will f***in appreciate.


TOUR NEWS: Classic Aussie Rock Singers Announce National Tour

Catch these iconic artists together again- we dare you not to sing along


Driver Tows Wood-Fire Pizza Down Busy Highway

Dash camera footage shows the wood-fired pizza oven being towed on a trailer by a ute.


Game Changing Earbuds

They translate foreign languages... as you hear them.


Many Faces Of Kim Jong Un

Supreme Leader's mug shot gets not so royal treatment from the Internet.


AC/DC's Brian Johnson: "I've Had A Pretty Good Run"

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has spoken out about his career-jeopardising hearing loss, saying that his ears have sustained such severe damage that it was a case of needing to put his health first to stop himself from going completely deaf.


The Temper Trap: Live In The Rubber Room

Aussie rock doing it large for Triple M.

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Disturbed Aussie Tour

Hard rock legends bringing "The Sound Of Silence" to Australia