Marto & Ed Kavalee For Breakfast

Marto & Ed Kavalee For Breakfast - 26/11/15

1. Dr David Jenkins - Do protein shakes work? 2. Are you leading a double life? 3. French Onion dip EVERYWHERE! 4. Mick Molloy 5. Showbiz Buzz 6. QLD Ambassador Dan Merrett 7. Basketball scandal 8. Schoolies quiz feat. Freddy

Merrick... and Australia

Merrick and Australia podcast - Thursday 26th November

Special guest: Chris Taylor Ryan Harris talks about the one-year anniversary of Phil Hughes' death; Merrick reviews The Notebook; No Stupid Questions; fan pours lemonade onto basketballer's head midgame; The Big Question - have you been fat-shamed?;…


Foo Fighters Release New & FREE 'Saint Cecilia' EP

Go on, download it now, you know you want to!


Slash Rocks New Version Of Sweet Child 'O Mine

Gunners legend joined on stage by Polish pop star.


A Bunch Of US Navy Soldiers Recreated The Star Wars Trailer

"Sea Wars" is coming to a cinema near you soon.

The Rubber Room

The Rubber Room podcast - Wednesday 25th November

Phil wants to book a holiday; Sarah McLeod; Doppelgangers; bad Pink Floyd cover; Dan Sultan; Phil tries to pick up his friend's mum; Phil talks medical; Rock Legends - Smashing Pumpkins; what music do fish respond to?; music for teenagers vinyl


Jack White Opens Vinyl Pressing Plant

Former White Stripes front-man Jack White is due to open a vinyl pressing plant.


Legendary Lineup Honours Jimmy Page

Nothing but the best rockers to honour legendary Jimmy Page with


Ben Harper Announces Aussie Tour

It's been 8 years... BUT HE'S BACK!

The Rush Hour

26/11/2015 - Rush Hour

1. Welcome Stuart Clark and Dan 2. Man pours beer on NBL Player 3. Dylan Walker released from Souths 4. Sports Update 5. Cricket chat 6. Sports Update 7. TV News


Sydney Kings Player Gets Beer Tipped On His Head During Game

‘He tried to pretend it wasn’t him’


9 Blokes On Picnic Tables Cruise Down Perth Highway

Video has emerged of the picnic table road trip.


Bloke Gets Giant Golden Gaytime Cake, Best Birthday Ever

It's hard to have this Gaytime on your own


WATCH Pearl Jam's Paris Tribute

Check out Pearl Jam's cover of EODM's 'Want You So Bad' & 'Imagine'


We Get "Rocked" With Def Leppard

It was like a religious experience travelling back in time.


Old-School Metallica Rumours SOLVED

Old school Metallica fans can now rest easy... case closed.


5 Funniest #CondomChallenge Videos

This challenge has taken internet by storm.


New The Killers For 2016

"We can really do something better and something great this time." - Brandon Flowers


22 Funniest 12th Man Quotes

What a list. Marvellous effort that.