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AC/DC's Aussie Tour Plans Revealed

AC/DC will tour their homeland of Australia late next year “or in March, 2016".

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Commentators Crack Up As Fan Sings To Goose

WATCH VIDEO: Didn’t know an ornamental goose could be this entertaining!


Drama At Sharks Training

Sharks coach Shane Flanagan has apologised after losing his cool and storming off from a press conference.


Phil Rudd's Future With AC/DC

"If we're going forward we've gotta get something resolved," admits Angus Young.


Golden Boot Nominees 2015

Sam Burgess and Greg Inglis are among six players in contention.

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Gorilla Hurls Rock At Zoo Visitors

WATCH VIDEO: Angry gorilla is not a fan of being photographed...


Cold Chisel Live At Bombay Rock

Their second live album comes from their famous 1979 performance.

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Man's Note About Neighbours Loud Sex

Sydney man writes letter to neighbours begging them to stop having loud sex.

The New Triple M NRL App - Available on iPhone and Android

Take Triple M NRL everywhere with you thanks to our new App

The Grill Team

Builder's Revenge Paintball Challenge

It's payback time for A Current Affair's Tim Arvier

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Kevin Spacey Unleashes Some Brilliant Celebrity Impressions

The actor proves yet again he is the guru when it comes to impersonations.