New Material From Aussie Rock Band Jet

First release in over 7 years


Newcastle Confirms Worst News Ever

"If it keeps going it will be pretty hard to get back," Mullen said.


LISTEN: The Cult Open Up About Bowie, Michael Hutchence and The Doors

Triple M exclusive interview that doesn’t hold back


The Best 20 Suburbs In Sydney Right Now

Well, we definitely didn’t see these suburbs topping the list!

The Grill Team

Matty Johns' Massive Christmas Fail

Xmas was ruined for the Johns boys

The Grill Team

Did MG Go Too Far?

MG shocked the rest of the Triple M Grill Team with this one. Did he go too far?

The Grill Team

We Asked What The Sexiest Part Of A Bloke Is... We Didn't Expect This

The Triple M Grill Team asked its Grillette listeners what they think is the sexiest part of a blokes body... This was the last thing we were expecting!


Triple M's Crowded House Special

Lee Simon with Neil Finn and Nick Seymour.


Green Day tix for the last 2016 Music Jury!

Sign up for the Music Jury here!

The Grill Team

Matty Johns Reveals Why He Can't Say 'I Love You' To His Mates

The Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns today spoke about why he has never been able to say "I love you" to anyone beside's his family.

The Grill Team

Gus Can't Say Capsicum... And Everyone Lost Their Shit

The Triple M Grill Team always knew Gus didn't like he's veggies. But today we learnt that he can't even say them.