Jack Bird Opens Up On Shocking Shoulder Injury

"I’m disappointed ..."

9 December 2017

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Broncos superstar signing Jack Bird is disappointed with how the Sharks handled his shoulder injury but just wants to look forward as he faces missing the opening month of the season.

"I’m disappointed at the Sharks," Bird told The Courier Mail.

"I had a good talk to the Broncos’ surgeon about my shoulder and he made it clear I needed the operation.

"The Sharks said you couldn’t see the damage on the first scan but I was disappointed they didn’t send me for another scan using the dye, which would have shown up the damage.

"They did what they had to do. I don’t want to be bagging the Sharks, I’m looking forward now, but the fact I eventually needed surgery, it has set me back a month. There’s nothing I can do now.

"They believed they were doing the right thing, but I kept telling them I was having pain. It was sore when I first injured my shoulder and I missed five games."

Broncos coach Wayne Bennett slammed the Sharks over their handling of Bird when it was first revealed the NSW Origin utility needed to go under the knife. 

"I’m really disappointed in the handling of Jack,” Bennett said.

"We didn’t get any information from the Sharks (about Bird’s injury), we got it from Jack.

"Jack knew he had a problem with his shoulder and it wasn’t going away. They assured Jack there wasn’t a problem."

While Bird's return date is uncertain, one thing for sure is the position Jack Bird will be playing once he's fully fit.

"I will more than likely start in the centres,” Bird said.

"I’m still not 100 per cent sure because Wayne Bennett was away with the World Cup, but if he wants me to play centre, that’s fine with me.

"All the talk about me not liking centre at the Sharks was a misunderstanding. I’m happy to play anywhere at the Broncos."


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