"They Took 9k One Day 10k The Next" Aussie Identity Theft Stories

Paddy & Rob Palmer get the scoop

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Frauds of every kind have been exacerbated during the Covid crises.

But whether the pandemic generated greater opportunities for fraud?...well, thats a no-brainer according to Triple M’s Paddy & Rob Palmer, who took a deep dive into identity theft.


Identity theft is when someone uses another person's personal information, like their name, Medicare number, or credit card, without their permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. 

The boys from Breakfast with Paddy & Rob Palmer speak with Will Bottom, a Sydney man who had his whole life turned upside down when someone hacked Service NSW stealing his identity and selling it for $20 on the dark web.

Like a page straight out of a crime novel, the hackers took control of Will's bank account buying and hiring cars, only to then steal them, or give fake cheques.

Will eventually had police chasing him, debt collectors harassing him and heaps more.

And if you think it only happens in the city, think again!

A Central Coast man who had his identity stolen, ran a credit check only to find five applications to different banks for credit.

A hotspot for identity theft, NSW had the highest number of incidents over the past 5 years of any state.

If you've been a victim of Identity theft, contact police on 131 444 for further advice and assistance, or visit www.idcare.org for more information.

You should also contact your financial institution.


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5 April 2022

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