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While the weather in Hobart cools down, the stages of Hobart heat up with the light of theatrical entertainment!


Check out what's on below...


Jesus Christ Superstar

Are ready to see one of the worlds most famous performances readapted? 

Well lucky for Hobart locals, Elizabeth College Performing Arts are showcasing their rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar!

The legendary rock opera by Andrew-Lloyd depicts the famous last days of Jesus' life through the perspective of Judas Isacriot. 

Tickets are between $21.50 to $29.50 and will no doubt sell like hot cakes. The first performance will be kicking off at 7.30PM this Friday, May 31st. 

For more info, follow the link to the Facebook event!


Singin' In The Rain

This Thursday, May 30th, Hobart College will be bringing a 1952 classic to life on stage for everyone to enjoy!

Kicking off at 7.30PM Thursday and continuing through the weekend, Hobart College will be debuting their live adaption of the musical-romantic comedy, Singin' In The Rain. 

The performance will aim to emulate the original 1952 film, directed and choreographed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. 

So if you're up a night of nostalgia, head to the Facebook for more info or book tickets through the website


Picnic at Hanging Rock

This Wednesday, May 29th at the Moonah Arts Centre, the Bad Company Theatre presents Picnic at Hanging Rock!

On one sunny day during the year 1900, three young, Australian schoolgirls left on an excursion to Hanging Rock. The girls decided to further explore the area, separating themselves from the rest of the class. The last time they were seen, they were heading towards the great rock. 

This adaption of Joan Lindsays novel will send chills down your spine as the mystery of the missing students and their teacher comes to fruition when five modern day school girls work together to solve the disappearance. 

Written by Tom Wright and Directed by the talented Emma Skalicky, the performance will have you wriggling in your seat! 

So jump online for tickets or head to the Facebook for more info! 


Dad's Army

The Playhouse Theatre presents... Dad's Army stage edition! 

This Wednesday, May 28th everyones favourite BBC television comedy series is coming to Hobart and they won't miss a beat, providing all of your beloved characters and catch phrases... 

Tickets are selling fast! Grab yours here.

Georgie Marr

28 May 2019

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Georgie Marr

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